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1109 BugNewNormalUI freezeMirco Bauer08/30/2017 04:05 AM0
1102 BugClosedNormalNullReferenceException with smuxi 1.1+master.bzr584Mirco Bauer06/20/2017 05:13 PM0
1097 BugNewNormalTwitter: right click on a nickname on the left panel (after doing /timeline nickname) should list "Follow" commandAndrés G. Aragoneses10/31/2016 09:12 AM0
1091 BugClosedNormalSmuxi crashes when pressing Ctrl+W on startupMirco Bauer06/29/2016 10:41 PM0
1088 FeatureNewNormalconfiguration to hide or position the nicklist08/06/2016 12:23 AM0
1085 BugNewLownick pane doesn't keep its width in tilling wm01/27/2016 06:25 PM0
1084 BugResolvedNormalSmuxi is not responding when quitting on Mono >= 4.2.1Mirco Bauer02/13/2016 01:14 PM0
1083 FeatureNewNormalDo not store application state into configurationMirco Bauer01/27/2016 12:24 PM0
1082 BugClosedNormalException: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: '37' Key being added: '37'Mirco Bauer01/16/2016 02:55 PM0
1081 FeatureNewNormalCtrl+L keyboard shortcut should clear the screen10/05/2015 09:57 AM0
1080 BugClosedNormalSide-bar gets resized back to smaller width when smuxi re-gains focusMirco Bauer09/24/2015 03:44 PM0
1074 BugNewNormalTray icon lost on kde5 (plasma5)07/27/2015 01:47 PM0
1072 BugClosedUrgentexposed IpcChannel is world-writableMirco Bauer07/14/2015 07:36 PM0
1066 BugNewNormalEmojis not visible on Windows and OS XMirco Bauer09/24/2015 03:47 PM0
1064 BugClosedNormalOn reconnect to running smuxi-server the message counter is misleadingMirco Bauer06/07/2015 11:53 AM1
1058 BugClosedUrgentSeen message become unseen on reconnect to serverMirco Bauer06/16/2015 11:49 PM1
1057 BugClosedUrgentUnseen message count includes part/join activity on reconnectMirco Bauer06/03/2015 10:52 PM1
1053 FeatureNewNormalSpell checking on WindowsMirco Bauer05/11/2015 08:39 AM1
1052 BugNewNormalAuto-resize issues with small windows06/26/2015 04:18 PM1
1046 BugNewNormalChannel list in 1.0-rc2 is a lot more squished.Georgi Karavasilev05/01/2015 07:01 PM0
1045 FeatureNewNormalHTML Renderer for MessagesMirco Bauer06/05/2015 09:52 PM0
1037 BugNewNormalUI hangs after interruption of the SSH tunnel on Windows with MonoMirco Bauer07/22/2015 10:59 AM1
1031 BugNewNormalSSH Credentials screen does not explain that keyfile must be PuTTY format in Windows, OpenSSH in LinuxMirco Bauer03/10/2015 08:10 PM0
1030 BugNewNormalEngine Assistant - SSH Credentials -- not possible to set SSH Keyfile back to nullMirco Bauer03/10/2015 08:04 PM0
1029 BugNewNormalPreferences dialog box blocks for ~2 seconds or more when opening03/10/2015 07:07 PM0

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