free, distributed and user-friendly IRC client with Twitter, and XMPP/Jabber support for Linux, Windows and macOS based on GNOME / GTK+

Be Anywhere

Smuxi can be detached. Start a server, and connect to it from any computer, anywhere. Resuming is seamless and changes are updated on all computers, so you can check what was going on while you were away.

Be Everywhere

Smuxi doesn't do just IRC, it can also handle Twitter and Jabber / XMPP natively.

Be Aware

Smuxi has full GNOME desktop notifications support and also integrates with Ubuntu's messaging menu.

Be In Control

Smuxi has powerful features, configuration and automation options, making it an ideal power-user client while still being user-friendly for day-to-day use.

Be Ahead

Smuxi does the ordinary things extraordinarily well and supports all usual features but also bringing a fresh breeze into messaging by developing innovative features not seen in other messaging applications. Smuxi contains innovative features like always-on server mode with a detachable frontend, unified nick colors, perfect color contrast, server favicons, join bar, language agnostic scripting, configurable message patterns and much more.