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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject  Sort_asc Assigned to Updated Votes
991 FeatureNewNormal"Copy link location" in right-click context menu09/17/2014 05:00 PM0
157 FeatureNewNormal"Jump to last highlight" featureMirco Bauer08/22/2010 02:13 PM1
1063 BugNewNormal"Typing" animation in XMPP causes the unread message count to raiseOliver Schneider05/28/2015 10:01 PM0
421 FeatureNewNormal/clear should clear the TextView, not the BufferMirco Bauer04/17/2012 08:52 PM1
278 FeatureNewNormal/exec -engine command running the engine sideMirco Bauer01/05/2010 10:15 PM0
817 BugFeedbackNormal/reconnect does not execute the autoconnect commands againMirco Bauer12/26/2013 01:56 PM0
711 BugNewNormal58 Users in a channel. Smuxi-Userlist shows only 15!Mirco Bauer04/16/2012 08:00 PM0
614 FeatureNewNormalA ability to hide all words but those related to your conversation for easy conversation in a busy chatrooms + ignore feature.01/19/2012 10:45 AM1
612 FeatureNewNormalA way to disconnect from a channel without closing the tab for it.09/13/2011 12:47 PM1
650 FeatureNewNormalAbort 2nd connection to the same IRC networkMirco Bauer11/26/2013 07:50 PM0
516 FeatureNewNormalAcronym help when acronyms are present in a message11/01/2010 03:35 AM1
69 FeatureNewNormaladd /alias commandMirco Bauer01/24/2014 05:36 PM1
74 FeatureNewNormalAdd a popup menu to nicks in the channel windowMirco Bauer08/29/2010 11:51 PM0
987 FeatureNewNormalAdd ability to highlight a phraseMirco Bauer09/08/2014 06:43 PM0
607 FeatureNewNormalAdd aliases for channels/tab-labels07/06/2011 03:30 PM0
915 FeatureNewNormalAdd alt to bring up menu toolbar 12/18/2013 06:16 PM0
309 FeatureNewNormalAdd highlight windowMirco Bauer07/20/2010 08:18 PM1
486 FeatureNewNormalAdd info icons to settingsMirco Bauer09/09/2010 05:36 PM0
989 SupportNewNormalAdd instructions for building Debian packages directly from git repository09/04/2014 11:43 AM0
417 FeatureNewNormalAdd option to change line spacing07/26/2010 06:41 PM0
851 FeatureNewNormalAdd support for the timestamps sent from znc11/03/2013 12:42 PM0
955 FeatureNewLowAdditional Message Patterns05/14/2015 09:05 AM0
396 FeatureNewLowadvanced logging supportMirco Bauer03/30/2014 09:45 AM3
739 BugNewNormalAligning long broken lines to the end of the nick is bad, will create unbalanced, unpleasing layout11/26/2013 08:00 PM0
944 FeatureNewNormalAllow each server a choice of not using a manually specified proxyMirco Bauer01/22/2014 08:01 PM1

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