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A way to disconnect from a channel without closing the tab for it.

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If I want to read a channels history for latter, without having it shoved off with alot of other text, there is but one option. Basically I could unplug my modem, which of course would mean having to restart my PC to get my internet back. Yes there is logging, but that does not preserve colors and if alot of other text has happened since then, its still hard to find the text I want.

/part should close a channel without closing the tab. This would have the additional benefit of not having the tab close on you when a OPS uses /remove on you, since they are the same command to the client.

For closing tabs via command, a new client command could be used. Or a hotkey could close the tab.

If people feel /part should not be changed, then some command that closes the channel without closing the tab.


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