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06:41 PM Smuxi Bug #699: Reestablishing an SSL connection errors
Ok so I came across this one by accident really. If I open a connection to a server and then close it and immediatly re-establish the connection to said server the client errors out giving the error: Authentication failed because the remote pa...


04:59 PM Smuxi Bug #697: Kicked by ircserver
Just a small one this time :) Whenever a client gets kicked by an IRCServer (for example after a netsplit) the display-message does not show the kicker (e.data.Who) is empty but instead it should be irc.server.net: Illustration: 17:58 -!-...


01:41 AM Smuxi Bug #682: Duplicate query windows from the same user
Did a search on the topic but couldn't find anything related therefore I am making a new ticket. How to reproduce: Say I am chatting with user *userA* in private and suddenly he decides to change his name to *userB* and sends me another mess...


12:29 AM Smuxi Bug #670: Slow when closing server or entire program
I encountered the same problem while implementing your IRC Library in to a private project and as far as I can determine it has to do with the Disconnection function in smartirc4net. As the latest release of Smuxi modified the shutdown mechanics, ...

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