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Slow when closing server or entire program

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Sometimes when closing a server, the program takes a long time (10-15 sec?) to close the connection.

Sometimes when closing the entire program (with servers open), the program takes a long time to close.
The windows warning window pops up and tell you that the progra isn't responding (but is eventually closed).

I didn't notice this with the older version, but noticed it on first use with new version (0.8.9-1).
Running Windows 7 x64.

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[Frontend-GNOME] Dispose protocol managers without disconnect on quit (closes: #670)


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I encountered the same problem while implementing your IRC Library in to a private project and as far as I can determine it has to do with the Disconnection function in smartirc4net. As the latest release of Smuxi modified the shutdown mechanics, this explains the behavioral change and the absense of the problems in earlier releases.

I have uploaded a debuglog (http://pastebin.com/Y4DzX4Ng) which shows a 40 second timeout after the Disconnect() function is called.

A possible solution might be using the Thread.Abort() function instead of Thread.Stop() in smartirc4net, additionally moving the process to a background-thread also solves said problem.

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This change can be tested with a development build which can be obtained from here: http://www.smuxi.org/documentation/running-from-git/

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