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1097 BugNewNormalTwitter: right click on a nickname on the left panel (after doing /timeline nickname) should list "Follow" commandAndrés G. Aragoneses10/31/2016 09:12 AM0
1095 BugClosedNormalShould not highlight your own nick (Slack)Andrés G. Aragoneses06/02/2017 09:20 AM0
869 FeatureClosedNormalContext-menu "Query" item on nickname should be highlightedAndrés G. Aragoneses08/26/2013 07:02 PM0
821 BugClosedNormalGLib.MissingIntPtrCtorExceptionAndrés G. Aragoneses12/12/2013 10:55 PM0
287 FeatureClosedNormalLink Twitter postsAndrés G. Aragoneses05/04/2016 07:59 PM1

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