free, distributed and user-friendly IRC client with Twitter, and XMPP/Jabber support for Linux, Windows and macOS based on GNOME / GTK+

29 bugfixes and 13 features later I am happy to announce the second bugfix release, 0.7.2 codenamed 'Lovegood'. This version fixes all bugs that were reported since the release of 0.7.1 but also introduces some very sexy new features!

As the codename suggests, this release contains both love and goods. There are new features that everybody loves such as: file logging, configurable highlight words (Chris Le Sueur), fully customizable filters to ignore messages or events, markerlines which divide old messages from new messages, enhanced network status and window title format, and extended CTCP support. Too good to be true? It's real!  The feedback I received from FOSDEM 2010 has spurred development and attracted new developers and translators.

Smuxi news can also be retrieved by following the official Smuxi Twitter account.

New languages includes: Portuguese (Americo Monteiro), Danish (Joe Hansen), partially Finnish (Kalle Kaitala), and partially Catalan (Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals). Updated languages includes: French (Clément BOURGEOIS), German (Bianca Mix), Italian (Vincenzo Campanella), Czech (Michal Simunek), Swedish (Martin Bagge), and British (Ryan Smith-Evans).

Going forward, translations will be coordinated and maintained by using Transifex. If you wish to submit or update translations, simply visit the Smuxi project on Transifex. You can find out how Transifex works by reading our Translation HowTo.

All bugfixes and features can be found on the completed 0.7.2 roadmap.

Already keen on this release? Grab 0.7.2 from the download page!

Update: 0.7.2 crashes on start for new installations and existing installations that don't have remote engines defined. ~~I will push a emergency release ASAP!~~ Smuxi fixes the crash and is available for download.

Update: contained a few annoying bugs such as: crash when saving configuration changes with remote engines, bug in the new markerline feature, message pattern field of filters never matched and missing IRCnet server in default settings, which were all fixed in the bugfix-only release, available for download.