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user defined filters

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Within windows AND linux the add and remove buttons are disabled in the filters tab.

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Added by Mirco Bauer 4113 days ago

Implemented filters feature. (closes: #86)

Messages and events can be filtered by specifying rules that can match
the protocol, chat type, chat id / name, message type, and message pattern.
Empty fields are wildcards and match all values.

Chat id / name and message pattern support globbing by using the '*' character
as the leading and/or trailing character, e.g.: foobar or *foobar. Regex can
be used by surrounding the pattern with the '/' character, e.g: /foo(bar)?/
Message patterns default to use wildcards if none are specified.


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Thats a missing feature, not implemented yet.

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Would be awesome to see this.

I think it is a very important feature to make the client more useable. I stay in 10> channels on freenode, mostly big ones. This make the highlighting in the channel tab very useless since many channel actions are quits/exits/parts/joins, which I would love to filter out.

Great work.

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