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08:38 PM Smuxi Bug #1063: "Typing" animation in XMPP causes the unread message count to raise
When the person you're talking to in a XMPP chat is typing, we show three dots which appear and disappear. Each of these updates to the buffer makes the unread count on the tab raise, which means you have a constantly-rising number which is distra...


08:50 PM Smuxi Bug #769: IRC reconnect retries blow the stack
When smuxi gets thrown off an IRC server it can't connect, it recurses. The IRC library has a recursion limit, but smuxi itself does not, which causes it to recurse endlessly until it either manages to connect or the runtime has to kill it because...


01:41 PM Smuxi Revision 7e42694c49ecfef2c346a448f5e3346165e29a92: [Engine-Campfire] Experimental campfire engine
[Engine-Campfire] Experimental campfire engine


03:25 PM Smuxi Revision 35ce519cfb7b3e55fbe50f0b8fe59ccff0648898: [Frontend-GNOME] Fall back to the protocol nam...
[Frontend-GNOME] Fall back to the protocol name when looking for the favicon The network ID isn't always a reasonable key, as several networks could reside on the same server/service and have a common favicon (or no possiblity of customising it)....


06:23 PM Smuxi Revision 3b7590de26281caeb0f61d4b5a3eb21692622b8b: [Frontend-GNOME] Let GTK+ handle all unknown C...
[Frontend-GNOME] Let GTK+ handle all unknown Ctrl-<key> By not setting the return value to 'false', Smuxi was breaking the emacs bindings. Let GTK+ handle them so they work.


09:14 PM Smuxi Feature #528: Ignore command in context menu
Being able to use @/ignore whomever@ would be even nicer


05:46 PM Smuxi Revision 8f7bad2d55b19c5d0494b211fdffe998146d4645: [Common] Added Atom feed parser Signed-off-by...
[Common] Added Atom feed parser Signed-off-by: Mirco Bauer <meebey@meebey.net>


11:07 PM Smuxi Revision 342c3a438bd1ebae20d5ee3224e2533c8004ff99: [Engine-XMPP] Spell 'password' properly
[Engine-XMPP] Spell 'password' properly


05:33 PM Smuxi Revision 728c2579ea2437cccb7ca60049ee929a6139579c: [Engine] Don't use _Logger without LOG4NET Si...
[Engine] Don't use _Logger without LOG4NET Signed-off-by: Carlos Martín Nieto <carlos@cmartin.tk>


11:47 AM Smuxi Feature #609: Tab stacking
Doing it the way Opera does it would be hard, but a start could be to use a @TreeView@ and have collapsible grouping tabs in the vertical view.

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