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07:30 PM Smuxi Bug #1043: Transformations not specified by the protocol, should be opt-in not opt-out
Currently the smuxi engine transforms certain substrings such as emoji etc into richer objects for the frontend to consume. Older frontends sometimes can't consume these, and ignore these objects, resulting in data loss. Sometimes the transform...


01:57 PM Smuxi Feature #98: SASL support
previous patch now at: https://github.com/meebey/smartirc4net/tree/feature/%2398_sasl_support This patch includes a re-write of the message parser, which is no longer necessary. So we just need the SASL bits from it. Unfortunately the patch is ...


05:00 PM Smuxi Feature #991: "Copy link location" in right-click context menu
This is quite a useful and common thing to have. It's especially useful for someone that uses 3 different browsers each for different links etc. :)


10:01 PM Smuxi Feature #98: SASL support
New spec link, old one dead: http://ircv3.atheme.org/extensions/sasl-3.1
09:46 PM Smuxi Bug #640: Validation of certificates always fail
Firstly, one should use @-c Trust@ instead of @-c CA@. The former is what `mozroots` does. Not sure why but it works. Secondly, it seems that there is something wrong with how smuxi uses the SSL library. A basic simple program works: ...


09:48 PM Smuxi Bug #932: Smuxi buffers missing some lines after crash
I hard-restarted my computer, and smuxi buffers are missing some lines. Logs appear to be fine however: Buffers: ...
09:43 PM Smuxi Bug #931: NUL garbage leftover in logs after crash
I hard-restarted my computer, and smuxi logs now contain this: ...


04:54 PM Smuxi Bug #921: smuxi doesn't re-join some channels correctly
(The /sleep stuff is to wait for the regain/identify stuff to complete on the server, then re-join the channels.)
04:53 PM Smuxi Bug #921: smuxi doesn't re-join some channels correctly
I've observed this behaviour for #tor-status and #tor-internal (private) on irc.oftc.net, but no other channels. When my internet connection goes down, and smuxi reconnects, it tries to re-join this channel and thinks it has succeeded. However,...


04:49 PM Smuxi Bug #903: smuxi-server,smuxi-frontend-gnome hang on FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE during startup

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