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SASL support

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I'd like very much to see SASL support in Smuxi. It's currently used on very few networks (but all the ones i run :P ), but it will be on Freenode within the next year and it will be in InspIRCd. I think this would be a useful feature because only 2 other clients that exist support it and Smuxi would be the ONLY Windows client to support it.

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Added by Mirco Bauer 4628 days ago

[Engine/Engine-*] Refactored IProtocolManager.Connect() to use ServerModel

Cleanly pass all connection parameters to the protocol manager using the
ServerModel class. This way it is no longer needed to add and save a server
before making use of SSL options.

Also it will make it easier to add multi-identity support (references: #428),
different encoding per server (references: #27),
client certificates (references: #96) and SASL support (references: #98).


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there's an irssi script that's a little bit broken to support SASL: http://www.stack.nl/~jilles/irc/cap_sasl.pl.txt
here's a working implementation of it written in C: http://hg.atheme.org/conspire/file/4ed31e7297bc/src/common/sasl.c

Updated by Mirco Bauer 4924 days ago


Here is a specification of SASL over IRC:

Updated by Infinity Zero 3597 days ago


New spec link, old one dead: http://ircv3.atheme.org/extensions/sasl-3.1

Updated by Infinity Zero 3591 days ago


previous patch now at: https://github.com/meebey/smartirc4net/tree/feature/%2398_sasl_support

This patch includes a re-write of the message parser, which is no longer necessary. So we just need the SASL bits from it. Unfortunately the patch is from a much older version of the library, and automatic merge fails quite badly.

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