free, distributed and user-friendly IRC client with Twitter, and XMPP/Jabber support for Linux, Windows and macOS based on GNOME / GTK+

Smuxi has now a full featured installer for Windows! Sebastian Schnur \ was so nice and contributed a NSIS installer script for Smuxi. The old "installer" (just a simple zip file) has been replaced on the download page with this one already. I couldn't resist and enhanced the installer script to automatically download and install the software requirements when needed, which is MSI 3.1, Microsoft .NET 2.0 and GTK# 2.12. The installer works perfectly (tested) under Windows XP and Windows 7. At this time only 32bit is supported as GTK+/# isn't ready yet for 64bit on Windows. I read that you can run GTK# apps in 32bit mode on 64bit Windows, but the application and library files have to be masked somehow, but I could not find out yet how to do that using Linux.

Are you runningĀ  Windows and want to give it a try? Just grab it from the download page! (if you wonder why the version is 0.6.4-dev for the Windows build, I made a development release which includes the [feature/#63_drop_gnome-sharp][] branch)