free, distributed and user-friendly IRC / Twitter / XMPP / Campfire / JabbR client for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X based on GNOME / GTK+

5 weeks after the "Lovegood" release, I am very happy to announce the major feature release, 0.8 codenamed "Godsend". Major feature highlights of this release are desktop notifications (with full support of actions, icons, updates, append and sound), messaging menu / indicators (as provided by Ubuntu's Ayatana project) and working Twitter support with OAuth (basic auth was disabled by Twitter on 31th August). This version also fixes all bugs that were reported since the release of

 Further on, Smuxi comes with the following improvements in its user interface:

Smuxi provides better connectivity and security by supporting: HTTP and SOCKS proxies as well as secure connections to IRC servers by using SSL with optional certificate validation.

Last but not least, it comes with an enhanced Twitter experience by supporting the use of multiple Twitter accounts at the same time,  reformatting tweets that contain newlines and showing the full retweet instead of a truncated version.

Updated languages includes: French (Clément BOURGEOIS) and German (Bianca Mix)

The #smuxi IRC channel can now also be found, in addition to OFTC, on other popular IRC networks such as freenode and GIMPnet. The messages on #smuxi are automatically relayed between the 3 IRC networks.

If you like Smuxi and want to support it by making micro-donations, Smuxi is available on Flattr.

There are also many other nice FOSS projects available on Flattr, see the Flattr-FOSS project.

Smuxi is available for download from here.

Update: The Windows installer version 0.8-3 addresses some reported issues: a dos prompt window is no longer visible, the installed .NET framework version is now properly detected, .NET 3.5 SP1 is now installed instead of .NET 3.5 as the Twitter support needs this and the Twitter support actually works now. Just head to the download page to get these fixes!