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I am pleased to announce that Smuxi 0.7 'Bianca' is out NOW! This is the most exciting release since the initial public release in 2008.

This release contains 4 major highlights in addition to many other enhancements and fixes: Initial support for Twitter has been implemented. This will allow you to send and receive tweets to the Twitter microblogging service. It supports the friends timeline, replies view, and direct messages. The character counter, Reply-To feature, and avatar support will follow in later releases.

Smuxi is now able to flawlessly handle network connections with high latency which are common with UMTS, WLAN, and busy DSL and cable lines. All communication between the Smuxi frontend and the Smuxi server is now done as a background task using threads. This gives Smuxi a very responsive feel - just like a normal, locally running application - even with difficult network conditions

The IRC experience has been significantly improved.  Smuxi will now send all unrecognized commands transparently to the IRC server and will show the reply directly to the user. In addition, the userlist and query menu have been extended to include common CTCP actions.

Smuxi now ensures that the text colors used in the tabs are easily readable, regardless of your GTK theme.  It does this by using the proven-reliable color-contrast algorithm used by Smuxi to generate nick colors.

A full list of changes is included below.

New features:


Big thanks goes to the reviewers of the english messages strings done on debian-l10n-english @

New translations:

Updated translations:

Thank you everyone who contributed to this release!

Smuxi is available for download from here.