free, distributed and user-friendly IRC client with Twitter, and XMPP/Jabber support for Linux, Windows and macOS based on GNOME / GTK+

So one week after 0.6.0, here we go, the first minor bugfix/feature release of the 0.6 series!

I received a lot of feedback from smuxi users, thanks goes to all smuxi users for that. This helps me making smuxi a great IRC client. So what does this bugfix release include? Well, it contains some bugfixes but there was no major bugs like crashes or anything, seems like someone tested smuxi very well :-P

As it didn't contain much bugs, I also added some smaller features, here the list:

New features:

Bug fixes:

So what are you waiting for? Get smuxi 0.6.1 from the download page!

Please keep giving me feedback by submitting TRAC tickets, joining on IRC or writing emails! That's what make me going ;)

Attention to Windows users: with the 0.6.1 release I made a win32 package that will run if you follow the "Windows Install" instructions from the download page!

Tomorrow I will try to get Debian and Ubuntu packages done for Smuxi. For some odd reason I couldn't get 0.6.0 packages building because autofoo failed on Debian/Etch not finding install-sh while it was there...

Update:the source tarball of smuxi 0.6.1 and smartirc4net have been updated! Smuxi builds from source cleanly now, check the download page.