free, distributed and user-friendly IRC client with Twitter, and XMPP/Jabber support for Linux, Windows and macOS based on GNOME / GTK+

It's finally here! We're proud to announce the new version of Smuxi, release 0.8.11 "The Line." During the development, 10 bug reports and 14 feature requests in 295 commits were worked on making this release a major feature and minor bugfix release.

Notable highlights in this release are:

Enhanced User Interface

Screenshot of Smuxi 0.8.11 on GNOME3 Screenshot of Smuxi 0.8.11 on Ubuntu Unity Screenshot of Smuxi 0.8.11 on Windows 7 Screenshot of Smuxi 0.8.11 on Mac OS X

Screenshot of Smuxi 0.8.11 on Mac OS X

Mac OS X Enhancements

Massive OS X improvements were brought into this release.

Inspired by changes described here. Kudos to Jonathan Pryor and Michael Lutonsky for OS X guidance and testing!

smuxi-server launch script is now included in the Mac package.

Screenshot of Smuxi 0.8.11's text frontend

Text Frontend Enhancements

Campfire Support (Beta)

IRC, Twitter and XMPP weren't sufficient to Carlos Martín Nieto, so he added Campfire, a completely new protocol to Smuxi.

The Campfire engine supports:

XMPP (Beta) Enhacenments

There are massive XMPP enhancements. Thanks to Oliver Schneider (ker), we now have:

IRC Enhacenments

Updated Translations

Smuxi should now be in your language, including:

Build system

Behind the Scenes


Contributors to this release are the following people:

Thank you very much for your contributions to Smuxi!

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