free, distributed and user-friendly IRC client with Twitter, and XMPP/Jabber support for Linux, Windows and macOS based on GNOME / GTK+

So, whats the status of Gnosmirc? The GUI rewrite is completed and code design problems are solved. Less Gtk# code, more glade widgets. Also the config class of Gnosmirc got a big change, I got a patch by Giacomo Di Ciocco aka Deffie who was so nice to work on the config abstraction layer. The configuration data is now stored in a thread-safe hashtable, this allows much easier and safer access. The topic is now shown, if a topic exists. The command history has now a managed size and will not grow forever ;-) The umlauts problem is finally solved! I search hours for UTF8 convertion because Gtk+ expects UTF8 as input, and I found that it was a nasty bug in Gt# < 1.0.2 that caused this problems. So if you need umlauts use Gtk# >= 1.0.2! The next tasks will be checking the GUI queue, maybe a different design will give us cleaner code and more performance, I noticed when I connect to a BNC with lots of channel and Gnosmirc has alot to do, it hangs sometimes for a few seconds and then showing the finished GUI. I think this happen because on every wrapped GUI command I trigger the main loop (via ThreadNotify) this can be easily a few thousands calls to the main loop. Feature-wise I plan to add some theme support, so some users get eyecandy stuff ;-) I know not all users like minimal stuff :-P but the default look of Gnosmirc will stay very minimal and straight (performance and simplicity reasons), so don't worry.