free, distributed and user-friendly IRC client with Twitter, and XMPP/Jabber support for Linux, Windows and macOS based on GNOME / GTK+

You might have wondered what happened since the 0.6.3 release? The simple answer is: lots! :-)

Code-wise not so much changed but project structure  wise. For example we switched the the Version Control System from Subversion to GIT. Why? Because GIT allows us developers to simply develop new features without destablizing the main code base by using feature-branches. Subversion has also support for branches, but they are difficult to merge and maintain. So you can now find the Smuxi source for browsing at: And for development at: git://

We migrated from the ticket and release planning tool TRAC to Redmine. The main reason for that switch was that TRAC has no decent GIT support out of the box. Don't worry, all submitted tickets are imported to Redmine, nothing was lost! And here it is Smuxi on Redmine:

Ok, all this fancy stuff for the developers now, but what for the users? Smuxi has now support for clickable URLs, colors and multi-line in topics, like this:

[Topic in Action][]

Also when the day changes between a message it will now show that day change with the date. That way you can see which day it was (not just which time) for older messages in the backlog.

Those 2 new features are already merged into the master branch, if someone wants to try them out (by building from source).

Last but not least a 3rd feature is on it's way: pure usage of the GTK+ libraries. We continuously have issues with getting Smuxi running on Windows correctly. The problem there is that the GTK# installers are not shipping GNOME components and thus we have to ship them which causes all kinds of version issues. Smuxi only uses the GNOME library to provide the assistants like"Add new Engine". GTK+ includes since version 2.10 an assistant API which we are porting to. With this step Smuxi will run on Windows by just installing MS .NET 2.0 + GTK# 2.10 and it works (this time) :-D And we also get Mac OSX support with this change, as the Mono project offers an GTK# installer for it! So this step is really worth it. But don't worry, Smuxi (smuxi-frontend-gnome) will still have it's focus to integrate perfectly into your GNOME experience even though we are not using the said GNOME library to do that.

Allright, thats it for now, stay tuned!