free, distributed and user-friendly IRC / Twitter / XMPP / Campfire / JabbR client for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X based on GNOME / GTK+

The release of Smuxi 1.0 is imminent and needs final testing. Smuxi development build users please upgrade your Smuxi version now. The release notes draft can be found here, it contains some or most changes (it progresses over time till the final release). If you run from git please upgrade to at least 155de85 (2015-05-03), if you run daily builds from the PPA please upgrade to at least ~500 or if you run Windows or Mac OS X please upgrade to 1.0~rc3 from here. You can also upgrade your Smuxi version by using the release-candidates named smuxi-1.0~rc* from here. Please report any issue you find on the #smuxi IRC channel or the bug tracker. Thank you for your participation!