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Should default to show emojis if IRC server is a slack gateway

Added by Andrés G. Aragoneses 2600 days ago. Updated 2577 days ago.

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Right now Smuxi's emoji configuration is opt-in (due to https://smuxi.im/issues/show/1043 and https://smuxi.im/issues/show/1066).

However for IRC servers that provide a bridge to other icon&rich interfaces such as Slack, we should probably default to showing emoji because it's not really IRC at the end of the day (even if the protocol used to reach those chat systems is).

Some copy+paste of a related chat in #smuxi-devel:

12:50 <meebey> knocte: actually, I think we can override the default setting just for Slack by patching MessageBuilder to be Slack aware/specific
12:50 <meebey> knocte: this way we dont need to change ServerModel
12:50 <meebey> I think I do that for Twitter already
12:50 <meebey> to have protocol manager specifiic behavior for MessageBuilder

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Revision 4a56d4f0a8ff4a19d1dba779e0e131322eb088c2
Added by Mirco Bauer 2577 days ago

Engine-IRC, Frontend-GNOME: add enhanced Slack support

Using the same approach as with the FacebookProtocolManager of having a
specialized protocol manager that is based on a generic one but with tweaks
specific to a service, like Facebook or Slack. This change introduces a
SlackProtocolManager that is based on the IrcProtocolManager.

Enable rendering emojis by default on Slack connections as emojis are natively
supported on Slack. (closes: #1103)


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