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What are the keyboard shortcuts for Smuxi?

Some keyboard shortcuts are visible in the user interface, but not all of them.

Thus here is a list of all shortcuts:

  • Alt + 1-0, Q-P: switches to chat window 1 to 10 and 11 to 20
  • Up/Down Arrrow: switch to previous/next entered message
  • Ctrl + L: moves the focus to the join bar in the top right corner
  • Ctrl + C/X/V: copy, cut, paste the selection of the chat buffer or message entry
  • Ctrl + W: close current chat window
  • Page Up/Down: scroll up/down the current chat window
  • Ctrl + Home/End: scroll to the begin/end of the current chat window
  • Ctrl + Page Up/Down, Ctrl + P/N, Ctrl + Tab/Ctrl + Shift + Tab: switch to previous/next chat window
  • Ctrl + Q: Quit Smuxi
  • F7: toggle caret mode
  • F8: toggle browse mode
  • F11: toggle fullscreen mode