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Debugging with Mono

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Debugging with GDB

If you want to do deep debugging, you need to use gdb. gdb is useful when Smuxi crashes with a SEGV, as gdb can debug into Mono itself too.

First you need gdb and Mono with debug symbols installed:

sudo apt-get install gdb mono-runtime-dbg mono-dbg

Now you can start smuxi-server with gdb like this:

gdb --args mono-sgen --debug /usr/lib/smuxi/smuxi-server.exe

Or smuxi-frontend-gnome like this:

gdb --args mono-sgen --debug /usr/lib/smuxi/smuxi-frontend-gnome.exe

Or test-cases like this:

gdb --args mono-sgen --debug /usr/lib/nunit/nunit-console.exe bin/debug/smuxi-engine-tests.dll

This starts a gdb shell that lets you control the process. Start the process by entering:


Debugging with Windows Debugger (WinDbg)

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