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12:42 PM Smuxi Support #1101: Could not load file or assembly
Hello. smuxi-1.0.6 does not compile on Fedora PowerPC64 architecture only with following error: ...


09:09 PM Smuxi Bug #1100: Parallel make builds (make -jN) sometimes fail
Mirco Bauer wrote: > I believe this is caused by the parallel build feature of make: > > [...] > > Can you try disabling that? (-j1) That was the problem. Smuxi updated to 1.0.6 on Fedora. Thank you.


12:21 PM Smuxi Bug #1100: Parallel make builds (make -jN) sometimes fail
Hi all. I'm not able to compile smuxi-1.0.5 on Fedora rawhide (development branch) with mono-4.6.2. I suspect that it's caused by a sort of incompatibility with latest version of Mono. Build log: https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org//work/tas...

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