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402 BugClosedNormalConfig spews warningsMirco Bauer07/22/2010 07:56 PM0
401 BugClosedNormalSystem.Net.WebException: The request timed outMirco Bauer07/22/2010 07:36 PM0
399 BugClosedNormalChannel search / list on GIMPnet doesn't workMirco Bauer07/18/2010 11:10 PM0
398 BugClosedNormalConnecting with empty realname field failsMirco Bauer07/17/2010 10:32 PM0
392 BugClosedNormalSmuxi chat wraps characters instead of wordsMirco Bauer07/02/2010 03:58 PM0
391 BugClosedLowStatus / tray icon can be seen when starting SmuxiMirco Bauer07/04/2010 05:29 PM0
390 BugClosedNormalTab highlight color is not showing if frontend time is faster than server timeMirco Bauer06/15/2010 12:10 AM0
389 BugClosedNormalSmuxi 0.7.2-dev throws exception when using with 0.7.1 serverMirco Bauer07/22/2010 12:56 AM0
380 BugClosedNormalTwitterizer build fails on Mono 2.6Mirco Bauer06/06/2010 05:26 PM0
374 BugClosedUrgentTwitter: Object reference not set to an instance of an object...Mirco Bauer06/13/2010 06:07 PM0
373 BugClosedUrgentRemoving a default server and adding it back failsMirco Bauer06/06/2010 06:02 PM0
371 BugClosedNormal/query confused by trailing whitespaceMirco Bauer05/02/2010 07:26 PM0
364 BugClosedNormalsmuxi crashes when sending a message to one user who has blocked another user06/13/2010 06:03 PM0
363 BugClosedNormalsmuxi crashes when sending a message to a user who doesn't follow06/13/2010 06:03 PM0
358 BugClosedNormalretweets missingMirco Bauer06/10/2010 06:18 PM0
354 BugClosedNormalStack trace not possible to copy in a sane way.06/14/2010 05:45 PM0
353 BugClosedNormalclosing twitter shortly after connecting leaves other twitter tabs behindMirco Bauer02/16/2010 12:30 AM0
352 BugClosedNormalSmuxi closes wrong tabs by using middle-clickMirco Bauer02/15/2010 09:10 PM0
348 BugClosedNormalErrors not caught when clicking "apply" in prefs dialogChris Le Sueur04/24/2010 07:38 PM0
347 BugClosedHighssh password with only digits fail to workMirco Bauer06/06/2010 06:23 PM0
345 BugClosedNormalpassword with only digits fail to work with remote enginesMirco Bauer06/06/2010 06:23 PM0
344 BugClosedNormalInconsistent highlight coloring06/10/2010 08:45 PM0
343 BugClosedNormalCan't close window while unjoinedMirco Bauer02/08/2010 07:16 PM0
339 BugClosedNormalTwitter-Feature is having some issues updating friends-timeline after an error occuredMirco Bauer02/16/2010 12:30 AM0
334 BugClosedNormal/reconnect on unreachable networks blocks command-queue until timeoutMirco Bauer07/04/2010 06:12 PM0

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