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away status not cleared when attaching to a znc server

Added by Joey Stanford 3590 days ago. Updated 3587 days ago.

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On Ubuntu Trusty (and apparently before this version as well)...

When DEtaching the Smuxi local engine from a ZNC server, /away is correctly set.

When REattaching the Smuxi local engine back to the ZNC server, /away is NOT cleared. You have to manually issue /away to effect a /back. Adding /away to On Connect Commands has no effect.

We either need for a) Smuxi to appropriately deal with this situation or b) a work-around in the form of being able to issue /away on connect.



Updated by Mirco Bauer 3587 days ago


Smuxi sends/set unaway when you connect to a smuxi-server. If ZNC is not doing this for you, you will need to look at ZNC. Setting away when you quit Smuxi would be a bug in Smuxi actually, or ZNC is doing this for you.... In either case I would need a debug log of Smuxi to prove what is wrong.

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