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Low-bandwidth mode should prompt to download any important buffers

Added by Andrés G. Aragoneses 3660 days ago. Updated 3358 days ago.

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When you're in a low-bandwidth situation, you want to use Smuxi in low bandwidth mode, but this means that you miss any pings/mentions or private messages that were sent to you to smuxi's server while you were away.

In low-bandwidth mode, smuxi-server should at least store in a flag whether there were pings/mentions/privateChats in the previous session, and if they were, Smuxi GUI should ask if they should be retrieved (but in case the user chooses to retrieve them, it would only retrieve the buffers from the channels were the user was pinged/mentioned, not all of them).


Updated by Mirco Bauer 3358 days ago


This is an very interesting feature idea. The Smuxi engine could provide a filtered list of messages that contain highlights via ChatModel.Highlights which walks through unseen messages via MessageBuffer or Messages.

Updated by Mirco Bauer 3358 days ago


But I wouldn't prompt for it, I doubt people will have that much highlights that it defeats the purpose of the "low banwidth mode".

Alternative would be to do the same thing as described above using a command: /highlights or so

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