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let the engine handle autocomplete

Added by Oliver Schneider 4123 days ago. Updated 4070 days ago.

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currently autocomplete is a frontent-gnome feature that checks the current groupchat's nicklist.
for xmpp a proper autocomplete would also check the offline roster and the jids instead of nicknames (and contact supplied nicknames and whatnot)

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Updated by Mirco Bauer 4120 days ago


This is a bad idea as it would need a round-trip to the engine. Or do you suggest to make them happen in the background and only update when the result was received?

Updated by Oliver Schneider 4120 days ago


no that'll be very odd, you're right, roundtrip sucks.

how about giving each chat model a list of autocomplete strings then?

even better: removing this from entry:
// return if we don't support the current ChatView
            if (!(ChatViewManager.CurrentChatView is GroupChatView) &&
                !(ChatViewManager.CurrentChatView is PersonChatView)) {

and making it ask the current view (by a virtual function in chatview) for an autocompletion

Updated by Ondrej HoŇ°ek 4070 days ago


Can we consider this solved after my rewrite of the completion infrastructure?

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