Feature #816


Customize Xmpp's ProtocolChatView

Added by Oliver Schneider 4164 days ago. Updated 3903 days ago.

Status:New Start:02/26/2013
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Category:Frontend GNOME (XMPP)
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Add Buttons and text fields for what currently are console commands.
(priority, change password, resource, automatic behavior, additional server features)

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blocked by Smuxi - Feature #814 HTTP/REST/JSON Web API New 02/26/2013


Updated by Mirco Bauer 3903 days ago


Not sure why this is blocked by #814, you can already make a XmppProtocolChatView that has a custom context menu for the server tab with items like "Change Password", "Change Resource", "Change Priority" etc. It needs to check the engine version of course (the version that introduced the public CommandXXX() method).

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