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"Invite to" user context menu should not contain channels from all servers

Added by Marek Habersack 3743 days ago. Updated 3698 days ago.

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Category:Frontend GNOME
Target version:0.8.11


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When you right-click on user in the user list, and you're using more than one server, the Invite To submenu will contain channels from all the networks you're using. This is wrong, since the user might not be on the same networks as you are and, in fact, they might not be authorized to access some of the networks you're logged into.

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Revision 555fadde0713b117764b6d69fcbcb61a7be8f738
Added by Oliver Schneider 3698 days ago

[Frontend-GNOME-IRC] bugfix: Nicklist dropdown menu invite showed other Network's channels (closes: #753)


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