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Middle click to close tabs

Added by Alan McGovern 5954 days ago. Updated 3865 days ago.

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My mouse has a scroll wheel which also acts as a third mouse button. Other applications use this to button to close tabs (firefox, monodevelop, chatzilla). It'd be nice if smuxi did too.

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related to Smuxi - Feature #706 Make a system for exposing non-essential (internal) configuration choices New 04/06/2012
duplicated by Smuxi - Bug #885 Middle-click on tab should close the tab Resolved 09/23/2013


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Implemented in SVN r260.

Updated by Mirco Bauer 4486 days ago


This feature had to be removed, see 1aefa81c1bd959f798be33847e2e9a90116292e6

Updated by Lukas B 4486 days ago


Request: An internal setting to active the removed behaivor despite the violation of gnome rules.

Updated by Mirco Bauer 4486 days ago

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As long as the default is to ignore middle click instead of close the tab, no GNOME policy is violated.

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