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Maximizing on Windows

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If a maximized Smuxi window is minimized to the taskbar and then brought back up, the window is then "restored" or un-maximized and then needs to be maximized again. If Smuxi is opened from the tray notification icon this problem does not occur.

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Added by Mirco Bauer 4548 days ago

[Installer-Win32] Install GTK# 2.12.10 instead of 2.12.9

Now that Smuxi no longer loads SVG images, it can use the GTK# 2.12.10
installer which lacks SVG support. (references: #230)

With GTK# 2.12.10 the issue is fixed which un-maximized Smuxi when it was
restored from minimize. (closes: #619)


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I have tried to reproduce this bug on xubuntu 11.10. Doesn't do this for me. I'm using a nightly build installed today. Minimize and maximize work like they are supposed to.

Updated by Viri Blobs 4550 days ago


It probably only happens on Windows or Windows 7, I'm also using 0.8 because I can't find where the newer versions are.

Updated by Mirco Bauer 4550 days ago


Yes this issue is Windows specific, I believe it is a GTK+ bug in the Windows port of GTK+ but it could also be some side-effect of something in Smuxi that doesn't show up on Linux. I wonder if this can be reproduced with other GTK+ apps on Windows.

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Good news, GTK# 2.12.10 is fixing this issue! Now that Smuxi is no longer using SVG, we can finally switch to the newer version, see #230

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This change can be tested with a development build which can be obtained from here: http://www.smuxi.org/documentation/running-from-git/

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