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Nick colors based on stronger normalization

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Nick colors currently break (changes color) when someone changes their nickname to reflect an afk state which is often used by inexperienced IRC users, e.g.:
16:20:57 -!- Eltu is now known as Eltu_afk
A solution to this issue would be to only use the nickname portion of the nick without the state.
01:27:18 <meebey> I think stronger nickname normalization will give better results and will be less complex than all the other options
01:27:46 <meebey> e.g. grendel|away becomes grendel
01:28:19 <meebey> just need to match for the first non-letter followed by letters I guess and use that 
01:28:39 <meebey> I do that already for trailing underscores
01:28:52 <meebey> e.g. robertj has the same color as robertj_

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ident@host based nick colors introduce even more issues as most IRC users are using dialup internet connections with a dynamic IP/hostname, see #509

Updated by Mirco Bauer 4922 days ago


This feature probably contradicts #215, if the nick color would be transfered to nick changes then stronger normalization wouldn't be needed except that the initial nick could change over time, say the user reconnects to the server with "meebey_" instead of "meebey".

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