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Set PATH before starting Smuxi on Windows

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From time to time Smuxi users report issues starting Smuxi on Windows after installation. If the user has a GTK+ besides the GTK# install in the PATH then Smuxi will fail to start as GTK# will try to load the libraries from the GTK+ install and fails. As Smuxi knows where GTK# is installed (as it checks the registry for it) it can create a start script which sets PATH automatically to the right location.

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Added by Mirco Bauer 4638 days ago

[Frontend-GNOME] Prepend GTK# to PATH on Windows (closes: #551)

GTK# on Windows relies to load the GTK+ libraries from the right location via
the PATH which it extends during the install. This works just fine as long as
PATH is not including any other GTK+ library paths. For this reason we simply
prepend the GTK#'s library path to the PATH environment variable when running
on Windows.


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