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Stack trace not possible to copy in a sane way.

Added by Michael Schmitt 4259 days ago. Updated 4144 days ago.

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Category:Frontend GNOME
Target version:0.7.2

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smuxi crashed (due to a bug somewhere else), and it was not possible to copy and paste the contents of the trace BEFORE one presses "ok". If one presses "abbrechen" (cancel) everything including the trace would be closed. Hitting ok is at least ok to get the opportunity to copy the trace, but after entering the ssh password for the remote smuxi-engine and a successful reconnection if one closes the trace THEN, everything concerning smuxi is closed... d'oh!

screenshot.png (158.8 KB) Michael Schmitt, 02/18/2010 06:42 PM

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Revision 3d0713f6454e8e1ae86500116635948a0b211c8e
Added by Mirco Bauer 4144 days ago

Make sure the engine reconnect and crash dialog will only be shown once and don't interfere which each other. (closes: #325, #354)


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