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Messages may be send to the wrong network

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Target version:0.7.2


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With lag between frontend and engine it is most likely that messages will go to the wrong network. I talked to one in #debian.de@ircnet (irssi-proxy in between) but folks on #debian.de@oftc got the messages.

Related issues

related to Smuxi - Bug #233 Switching between tabs is not instantaneous on slow connections to remote servers Closed 11/11/2009
related to Smuxi - Feature #242 Entry Command Queue Closed 11/29/2009

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Revision b864e978c32eef628baa3ef92a5ec28ea121aaa6
Added by Mirco Bauer 5256 days ago

Fixed race condition when sending commands to the protocol manager (closes: #332)

Don't rely on the synced state in the FrontendManager, as that lacks behind
when there a significant latency between frontend and engine (smuxi-server).


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That's for sure a race condition related to the background thread feature introduced in #233 and the entry command queue #242 that needs to be analyzed.

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