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mirror notice on active tab

Added by Ingo Saitz 5302 days ago. Updated 4551 days ago.

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It would be a nice feature to mirror a notice in the currently opened tab in the frontend, if that belongs to the same server. Should be configurable, though.

<Salz> hm, it would be a nice feature though to mirror the notice in the current opened tab
<Salz> if it is on the same server
<meebey> Salz: please file a ticket for that
<meebey> Salz: smuxi knows the current tab of the frontend
<meebey> Salz: so it can copy it there
<meebey> ahh no
<meebey> nvm
<Salz> shouldn't the frontend do this? what happenes if you have several clients?
<meebey> only it was a command from the user
<meebey> notices come from the IRCd
<meebey> so smuxi needs to duplicate that to all frontend managers
<meebey> doable but more nasty
<meebey> Salz: no, the client doesnt even know what CTCP is
<meebey> it has to be an engine feature
<meebey> in that case a protocol manager feature
<Salz> meebey: yes but you could send out a "notice $text on $server" to the frontends
<Salz> however that would translate to rpc calls in mono :)

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