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Transition remote -> remote fails with connection refused on localhost:7689/SessionManager

Added by Christopher Halse Rogers 5313 days ago. Updated 5288 days ago.

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Target version:0.7

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Filing a bug as requested.

When switching a smuxi-frontend-gnome instance Remote->Local->Remote (or simply Remote->Remote) the last connection fails with "connection refused on localhost:7689/SessionManager".

This is apparently:
09:45 <meebey> oh!
09:45 <meebey> I bet it forgets to kill the tunnel
09:45 <meebey> and then the next time the tunnel is borked (in use)
09:46 <meebey> please file a bug report

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Revision 16745569c260672dad2942a2a4593ab4870c26eb
Added by Mirco Bauer 5288 days ago

Fixed regular (planned) reconnects and forced reconnects after a detected network issue. (closes: #244)


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