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Resuming a ZNC 0.74 session results in a connection failure.

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When using Smuxi to connect to a remote ZNC 0.74 bouncer it causes the following issues:

01:17 -!- Connecting to (IP Removed) port (Port Removed)...
01:19 -!- Connection failed! Reason: Could not connect to: (IP Removed):(Port Removed) Index was outside the bounds of the array.

As a matter of testing, I verified that Smuxi could handle the IP address being specified, the unusual port and the symbols being used in the password field. However, the issue seems to exist solely when ZNC attempts to have the client auto-join a channel and play back the history. If ZNC is simply connected to the server and no channels, Smuxi can connect just fine.

My reason for using Smuxi is mainly that its UI layout hasn't managed to irritate me, however switching away from my IRC bouncer is a non-option. I'd like to treat this like any other IRC client regardless of its own bouncer being available.


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Does this issue still happen with Smuxi 0.8.9? There were ZNC specific fixes made.

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