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Connecting to smuxi-server fails via SSH when using passwords

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When smuxi connects to a remote engine via SSH, and a password is required (pinentry gtk dialog for example), the tunnel setup will fail because smuxi only waits 2 seconds for the tunnel to be established. So smuxi should monitor the tunnel success up to 30 seconds and only fail after that timeout.

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Revision 2065786bd34b7361f101e473d18be1418c81b752
Added by Mirco Bauer 5551 days ago

- Refactored SSH tunnel setup from EngineManager to SshTunnelManager.
- Detect if the SSH tunnel is reading using a TcpClient instead of a hardcoded Thread.Sleep() hack hoping the tunnel is ready after that. This fixes ssh-askpassword support and fixes connection issues for users with high latency or slow SSH servers at the same time. (Closes: #150)
- Use a dynamic local forward port, instead of the smuxi-server port, to support running multiple frontends using SSH at the same time.


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