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STFL: Ensure text contrast

Added by Ondrej Hošek 3352 days ago. Updated 3351 days ago.

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Extend the STFL frontend code to ensure text contrast depending on the terminal's background color.

smuxicontrast.png (10.6 KB) Ondrej Hošek, 03/14/2015 07:54 PM

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Added by Ondrej Hošek 3352 days ago

Frontend-STFL: Ensure text color contrast (closes #1033).

Make the terminal background color configurable as
STFL/Interface/TerminalBackgroundColor and use GetBestTextColor to ensure
sufficient contrast.


Updated by Mirco Bauer 3352 days ago


Can you provide a screenshot? I am not sure where the issue becomes visible. I guess it is 256 colors (xterm) with nick colors.

Updated by Ondrej Hošek 3352 days ago


Worse yet; it's the "tiny palette" (16 colors?) xterm with nick colors. I've attached a screenshot.

Updated by Ondrej Hošek 3351 days ago

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